Bootstrap or Raise Money?

Many entrepreneurs think that the only route to startup success is raising funds. But there is a another way of building a company. Financing it with your own savings and cash flow from the business: bootstrapping. Bootstrapping is not as glamorous though. Raising money, especially if you do it from well-known VCs, gives you instant… Read More »

A Pricing Strategy for B2B SaaS

I answered this question about pricing strategy on Quora and figured I´d turn it into a post as well. Pricing strategy is the source of endless discussions in many companies because it is impossible to know for sure if you got it right. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. A pricing strategy that works for one… Read More »

Where did the spam come from?

You probably receive emails from companies that you don´t remember giving your email address. Here is a small trick to find out how they got hold of your email. I have used it to catch a few companies who have sold my address. As far as I know it only works with Gmail. The next time… Read More »

Launching the PR Platform

So, what happened with the idea I described in this post? We launched PRDuck a couple of months later. Here´s a long overdue update on how things have worked out so far. The idea behind PRDuck The platform was designed to be useful for two types of users: bloggers and companies. Bloggers can use PRDuck… Read More »

Testing a new idea

When I think of something that could become a new business I sometimes get an “idea high”. I can already see it working and envision turning it into something huge. I got into the habit of adding these ideas to a list (more than 100 now) and forgetting about them for a while. Upon later inspection… Read More »

User Acquisition

In this post I will describe the user acquisition process we used to get thousands of people to sign-up for Quite a success, but  it was preceded by a launch that taught me the importance of having a strategy to acquire users. I vividly remember the first time a friend and I launched a… Read More »

7 Ideas For Lead Generation

You have everything in place that makes your business attractive for prospective clients: a great product, happy customers and expertise in your niche. But, how do you find new customers? Lead generation is the generation of inquiry into the products or services that your business offers. You might have already considered cold calling, which is… Read More »