A simple way to stand out.


We ordered plates from a webshop that is run by a very traditional brick-and-mortar store. Together with the plates came a handwritten note from the owner of the store to thank us for the order.

If I were the store manager and someone would have proposed this idea, I would have probably discarded it as “fake”. So I was surprised by my reaction to the card: I appreciated it.

Someone taking the time to make such a gesture, a human touch in this time of online transactions. It seems real because it is something that does not scale. And even if it is a gimmick, I do not care.

When you run a business you have to find ways to stand out. If you do nothing remarkable you are average, which is the easy, lazy and boring alternative.

The card is just a small example, there are many ways you can stand out. How will you go about it?

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Ivo Oltmans
By Ivo Oltmans


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