Don’t be selfish, start a business.


To do good you can volunteer or work for an NGO. But there is a better way to make an impact: start a business. 

Businesses generate profits that you can then use to help others. In addition, companies are responsible for the creation of many products that have improved quality of life and would not have existed otherwise. Think, for example, where the electric car would be if development would have been left to universities alone. 

Non-profits depend on outside funding. Businesses make a profit when they add value. These profits can be used to fuel a self propelling do-good-engine. 

Companies create jobs and pay taxes. Taxes that are used to pay for education, security, healthcare and many other things that society as a whole benefits from. So even if a business is not involved in charity, it is still contributing to society. This makes companies the pillars of our economy and society.

Save the world, start a business.

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Ivo Oltmans
By Ivo Oltmans


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