A counterintuitive logo.


Palm oil has a poor reputation when it comes to health, and its production is widely criticised for the environmental impact. As a result many people actively avoid products that contain palm oil.

In a visit to the supermarket I grabbed a bag of crackers, but just before I dropped it in my shopping cart an alarm in my head went off. The logo on the packaging gave the impression the crackers contain palm oil.

Palm oil label

Upon closer inspection, I noticed the text next to the palm tree and realised that the product does not contain palm oil. What a bad choice for a logo was my first thought. But I quickly realised (actually took me a day, I use the word quickly because it makes me look smarter) that it is a good choice.

Health conscious folks will recognise the logo and what it stands for without being confused. There also is a number of people, yours truly included, who have heard about the negative effects of palm oil, but are not really focused on these things when rushing through the store. And for this audience the logo stands-out.

The result is that I bought the crackers and now know what to look for. Great design.

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Ivo Oltmans
By Ivo Oltmans


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