The bank that spams.


The Dutch bank I am a customer of decided that they want to improve their service. That is why they, or rather an agency they hired to do this, sent out a request to participate in a survey. Filling it out would take approximately 9 minutes.

All good up to this point. I did not want to spend this time, deleted the email and forgot about it. Then I received a reminder that I also deleted. A few days later I received yet another reminder. This annoyed me because their marketing department made two basic mistakes.

Relationships are built on trust, especially with a bank that safeguards my money. This is the reason why their emails land in my primary inbox and not in the promotions tab. One request to participate in a survey is fine, a reminder annoying and a third one spam. This erodes trust.

The bank wants to use the feedback to improve their services so they can make more money. I would have to give up my time, a finite resource, to help them achieve this. What incentives did they offer to participate? None. Their second mistake.

If they would have offered to donate €10 to a charity I could pick from a list at the end of the survey, I would have never written this post. I would not even have been bothered by the repetitive reminders because participating would be for a good cause.

You would expect a bank to know about trust and how exchange of value works. Don´t be the bank.

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Ivo Oltmans
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