How to sell water.


One of the best marketing strategies I know is inventing a new product category. When you define the category you are automatically first. This means you have no competition.

I was reminded of this strategy when I saw this bottled water in the supermarket. It costs four times as much as other brands.

An expensive bottle of water.

It is ionised seawater that can be used for cooking seafood. Most of you think “I would never buy a bottle of seawater at this price.” Neither would I. That does not mean that this will not be successful. It simply means that this product is not for us.

Notice that the company invented a category.  For the person who spends a load of money on lobster this water is a bargain. You do not want to run the risk of not having the perfect plate by cooking your priced ingredients in salted tap water. And if that is what you want you can only pick one brand.

Can you create a new category for your products?

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Ivo Oltmans
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