What to do when a client asks for a discount.


In a previous post I explained why I always ask for a discount on larger purchases. But how should you handle this question if you are on the other side as a seller?

As with most questions in life there is not a single “best” answer.  Your reply should among other factors depend on what you are selling, your relationship with the customer, priorities, and company strategy.

A good starting point is finding out the reason and asking the buyer why they are looking for a discount. If your product is “too expensive” you might not have done a good job of exploring the value it can add to their business. Another reason could be something internal to their company that you can address. 

In most cases your customer simply wants to ensure that the next person does not get a better deal.  When I buy something the answer: “Are prices are as is. We never give any discounts, so you don’t have to worry about someone getting a better deal” always makes me happy. Obviously, you should only say that if it is true.

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